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Last updated 15.11.2001

The   Old   Man   Is   Down   The   Road

The legendary John C. Fogerty is the man that have had a tremendous influence on my life. Because of him I am myself a musician - can´t live without music. As I can not produce music like this genious I love to listen to the music he has made. In the years he was gone I occationally felt really bad/ill. No news about him. No nothing. In -85 when I was in Stockholm I run into a huge poster with a familiar guy on it. John was then releasing his Centerfield. I can still remember that day! It is slightly possible that some kind of Dementia may erase that from my memory. But the feeling when I after 30 years waiting saw him live on the stage is something nothing can wipe away! 

In the Photos section is a new rare picture of the CCR with John, Stu and Doug.
The picture is from MS Encyclopedia 98. The photos have now been rearranged
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