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Last updated 19.05.2004

The late Great Master of Heki Ryu Insai Ha
Inagaki Genshiro Yoshimichi



Finnish Championships 2003

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Suomen Kyudo Liitto ry. - Finnish Kyudo Federation (in English)
History Of Heki Ryu Insai Ha
History Of Kyudo In Finland
Antti-Jussi Voutilainens 3-D Java Animation
My Kyudophotos:
Kyudophotos 1 (Shots from Heki Ryu Insai Ha members)
Kyudophotos 2 (Shots from a seminar in Porvoo Feb.1998. Teacher Cornelia Brandl-Hoff)
Kyudophotos 3 (Shots from the EKF seminar in Schwerin 1998)

Deutscher Kyudo Bund e.V (In German)
Hassetsu: Dr.Haubner´s great page with both Shomen and Shamen Hassetsu
EKF Members:
A list of the membercountries in the European Kyudo Federation
The Kyudo Project Incorporated: Informationsource
P.Dardens MAKIWARA: Informationsource
Toko Kyudojos Linkpage