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The photos are as thumbnails. Click on the photo to see a bigger picture.

Practice 1

Each kyudoka shoots 2
arrows and the teachers
checks and make notes.

The checkgroup shot on
the 5 first matos. The one
shooting (Susanna) is the The others behind
her are doing free

After the shots the
kyudokas get corrections
and their task is to correct
the errors during the

Sensei is supervising the 
progress and giving more

Sato sensei


Inagaki sensei and Gabriel

Sato sensei is giving
Manfred Speidel is
Inagaki sensei is watching
over Gabriel

Examination 1

Examination 2

Examination 3

Examination 4

Susanna and Soile are
in the examination for
3.kyu. They succeeded
Syksy is shooting for the
4.kyu in front of the
makiwara. He got it.
Eija is also going for the
4.kyu. Eija is now 4.kyu

The judges are from left:
Sekine, Sato,Speidel and
from The Finnish Kyudo
Federation Malmi.

Practice 3

Sato sensei

Sekine sensei

The participants

Kyudokas waiting for their
turn to shoot
Sato sensei in action

Sekine sensei in action

The participants + Juhanas
daughters. Some had left
before this shot was taken.