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Schwerin, Germany 19-22.7.1998

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The highgrades The Senseis
The highest ranked Kyudokas in Europe. From frontrow,
left: Liam O´Brian, Trygvi Sigurdson, Feliks Hoff. On Shai:
Cornelia Brandl-Hoff, John Bush, Hans De Wekker,
C-L Oriou.
The Senseis, from left: Matsuda, Matsuoka, Shibata,
My Tachi Don shooting
From left: L.Bagge, T.G d´Echon, Jose Berrocosa and
my friend Harold Möricke
Here you see the dojostructure and my friend
Don Slade-Southam shooting.
Three Shajos Ceremony
The dojo consisted of 4 Shajo. Here you see 3 of them. Mr Serquet is Ite and Roland Pohl is 1. Kaizoe. He is
instructed by Akiyama sensei.