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The Finnish Championships in Kyudo. 
29.11.2003 in Porvoo


14 participants took part in the Championships this year. 4 of them fell out after the style shooting part. In the final the former European Champion Antti-Jussi Voutilainen hit with 8 arrows beating Juhana Niittylä with one arrow. Three guys: Tapani Lehto, Osmo Bäckman (bronze last year) and Janne Rentola had 5 hits and they had to do an additional 2 arrows shooting to set the bronze medalist. Tapani hit with one arrow. The others with none so Tapani got the bronze.

Result: Antti-Jussi Voutilainen (Hikari, Helsinki)
2.nd Juhana Niittylä (Yosaiki, Porvoo)
3.rd Tapani Lehto (Tarashi, Turku)
Styleprice: Janne Rentola