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The Finnish Championships in Kyudo. of December 2001 in Porvoo.



Hoff-senseis opening ceremony
Hoff-senseis Opening Ceremony
The Tachi The Judges The Finnish Champions
The first tachi Judges Hoff (6.dan Renshi) and
Bagge (5.dan)
The Champs (from left)
Antto Varilo 3.rd
Antti-Jussi Voutilainen
Ritva-Liisa Malmi 2.nd
16 kyudokas participated in the Finnish Championships of December 2001 in Porvoo.
They were split into 4 Tachis 5+5+3+3. After 2 x 2 arrows in the stylecompetition Antti-Jussi was
number 1. The 10 best then entered the final, where they shot 5 x 2 arrows. Antti-Jussi was again 
best with 7 hits. 

Then there were 4 guys with 6 hits. In the first tie-shooting (2 arrows)Ritva-Liisa hit 
with the arrow, Antto, Henry Bäckman and Tapani Lehto hit with the second arrow. So Ritva-Liisa got the silver. 

The 3 guys had to do another 2 arrows. There Antto hit with the arrow and the others
did not hit at all. So Antto got the bronze!